What makes a good opportunity?

Additional Non-Dues Revenue with no risk.

Strategic Value Media (SVM) was formed by the ownership of the nation’s leading sports publisher (PSP Sports) to address a specific growing need of advertisers relating to trade and industry associations.

Our sales personnel have sold advertising to tens of thousands of companies and entities nationwide for more than 20 years in all types of digital and printed publications.

Our sales force is unparalleled in its effective and professional sales efforts nationwide and we have been able to build our business precisely because we have generated a tremendous amount of new advertising revenue for our clients.

With a large number of existing advertising contacts in virtually all industries across the U.S., we have relationships with companies and other entities that have indicated strong interest in purchasing targeted advertising in specific industry-wide or trade association digital or print publications.

SVM provides targeted advertising opportunities for these interested companies and entities as well as a new source of significant non-dues revenue for interested industry and trade associations.

To learn more about how SVM can specifically generate more non-dues revenue for your association, please see the information under the menu heading "Associations".